Tip-Up Seating

Tip-Up Seating

tip up seating

As ticket prices for upscale special events increase, spectators are demanding clean-looking, professional seating. To accommodate these growing needs, InProduction provides a modern, code compliant theater-style “tip-up” seat. Unlike traditional tie-up, this system provides the comfort of permanent seats with full backrests.

Tip-Up Seating Options

InProduction provides tip-up chair seating for tip-up stands and chair risers, as well as grandstand seating of any size and configuration depending on the needs of your events.. A unique feature our tip-up grandstands is the ability to provide continuous seating around corners, enabling us to completely surround playing fields and arenas. This system is designed for comfort and safety and meets or exceeds all applicable codes and regulations.

Box Seats

We are pleased to offer the Box Seat 901 all polymer stadium chairs with self-rising seats. Their sleek design provides improved spectator comfort by using an ergonomically correct lumbar profile. Plus, the seat lifts to the upright position softly and quietly, which is especially important for golf tournaments. Seat number and row numbers/letters are available. We offer The Box Seat 901 in both Green and Black.

Tip-Up Premier Seats

These new tip-up seats have a white plastic backs with customizable inserts for the cushion portion of the seat. The ability to change inserts allows us to provide the color you want for your premier tip-up seating. In addition the inserts enables you to market and brand your event more effectively by incorporating your customized logos or partners directly on the seats of your patrons.

Super Elite Theatre Seat

Provide your clients, as well as their sponsors and spectators, top quality seating with our Super Elite Theatre Seat. In addition to the extra-wide frame and spaciousness, the thick padding, soft coverings, arm rests, and drink holders will add to their enjoyment of your event. Our standard tip-up colors are green, white, and black, however you can utilize our custom made slip covers with your logo and colors to better brand your event.


Tip Up Seating