Product Camera Platforms

InProduction Platforms provide a stable support platform for show direction, lighting, and video, while usually being separated from the main riser for sound and vibration isolation. Normally placed behind risers, they can be built to nearly any size, height, or configuration. InProduction Platform Rentals have covered guardrails on all sides, floor-length black skirting, and integrated access stairways with landings and show-level lighting. We can also build multilevel control platforms for larger shows. InProduction platforms may also be utilized to create large capacity cable bridges, to route show lighting, control, and video cabling over an area where pedestrian traffic is present.

Product/Camera Platforms

InProduction Camera Platforms are detached from the main riser for stability and vibration reduction. Available in almost any height and size, they include integrated access platform ladders, guardrails, and floor-length skirting. InProduction Platform Rentals can perform setups indoors, outdoors, and on uneven terrain.