Dawn Carry

Seating Design/Sales Phone: 631-212-0281 Email: DCarry@inproduction.net 901 Motor Parkway Suite B Hauppauge, NY 11788

Dawn has been with Seating Solutions, now InProduction, for over three years. She focuses on seating and staging for a variety of events including fashion shows, film/photoshoots commercials, and sporting events. Dawn’s portfolio also includes steel bleachers used in spaces like parks and recreation centers, as well as scorers platforms for high schools and colleges. Working close to New York City, Dawn has the ability to turn around jobs in the tri-state area with ease. Dawn believes firmly that with creativity and teamwork, she can make your next event the best ever.


InProduction Podcast: Dawn Carry On Bleachers Being Used for Outdoor Events

InProduction's Dawn Carry talks all things temporary and permanent bleachers and specifically how they have been used by the New York City Parks Department as well as other parks departments across the country, to allow those in their community to socialize in a socially distanced and safe way during COVID-19. With spring and summer on the horizon, Dawn talks about how her clients are utilizing bleachers for the outdoor events they are planning for the warmer months.

InProduction · InProduction Podcast Dawn Carry

Stage for Putting on Safe Events During COVID-19

InProduction's team of experienced installers can safely build a stage to be used to bring your event to life during COVID-19. Our stages can be used for performances and events being filmed virtually for those watching at home, or for future use. Our stages can be built in any venue type from a warehouse to a parking lot.

Senior Dividers

Social Distance Measures for Nursing Homes and Senior Centers

Our Steel Bleacher's are the perfect solution for city and town parks and public spaces. Easy to clean, too large and heavy to vandalize or steal, and great for small public events and gatherings.

The Elevated Scorer’s Platform is a portable aluminum platform that allows score keepers, coaches, and announcers to get up above the players.