Joe & Suzanne Kaplor

Joe Kaplor: Director, Scenic Productions
Suzanne Kaplor: Director, Scenic Operations
Phone: Joe: 214-821-8706 x108 | Suzanne: 214 -821-8706x107 Email: JKaplor@communilux.com
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InProduction Dallas
4001 Eastside Ave Dallas, TX 75226

Joe and Suzanne Kaplor have a unique relationship. Married to each other for the past 38 years, they have worked together in the entertainment industry for over 30 years. Their professional experience in all aspects of the theatrical-entertainment world led to their extensive knowledge and allowed them to hone their craft over the years. Joe and Suzanne have spent the last 22 years at CommuniLux Productions, now a part of InProduction, developing, nurturing, and building —along with their team — the nationally recognized scenic portion of the company. Joe and Suzanne are both graduates of Carnegie Mellon University’s drama department with degrees in technical theater. They share a passion for turning the dreams of their clients into reality.