The 16th Hole at the Waste Management Phoenix Open

Posted on January 31, 2017 in News

Golf is a gentle woman’s and gentle man’s game. Quiet on the course. Concentration. Intellectual deciphering of each shot. Athleticism and dedication. It’s a cerebral game – everywhere except at the 16th hole of the Waste Management Phoenix Open (WMPO).

The 16th hole is a short (162 yards) par 3. During the Open, it is temporarily surrounded by seating for 20,000. (Yes, we do the seating, and it’s our pleasure.)

In contrast to the silence that prevails at every other hole, here the spectators celebrate the tee off to the par 3 with cheers and celebration. They are golf’s version of Super Bowl fans (the fact that the last day of the WMPO always coincides with Super Bowl Sunday might have something to do with it). They cheer and yell and scream, hoping to witness another historic moment, such as Tiger Woods’ famous 1997 hole in one.

It’s fun. It’s irreverent. And some say it’s the best part about the WMPO.

They call the 16th hole The Colosseum. When we build the spectacular viewing structure for The Colosseum’s 20,000 spectators (click here to watch the 16th Hole come to life), we know to protect the course and its greens. It’s a challenge and it’s worth every second.