Building Venues from the Ground Up—Flooring that Covers all the Bases

Posted on February 1, 2016 in News

InProduction provides temporary seating and other specialty equipment for events of all shapes and sizes. Whether your event calls for extra seating or custom accommodations, our team can produce the right equipment on time and on budget. Although we’re known in the industry for being an event seating specialist, we have many other tools under our belts as well. One of the most important, and commonly overlooked, aspects of designing an event venue is temporary flooring.

Flooring isn’t exclusive with staging. Many types of event equipment require flooring to complete the configuration and design. Hospitality suitesADA ramps, decks, car displays, temporary roadways, you name it—every piece of event equipment needs a solid surface to accommodate weight. Seating structures also require a sturdy floor on which to build seats.

Benefits of InProduction temporary flooring

  • quality installation over any terrain—hills, gravel, soggy or uneven ground
  • heavy duty and sturdy
  • protection against surface damage
  • fully customizable down to size and color
  • high-end turf and carpet selections
  • basic tent floors to modular flooring systems
  • branding and advertising elements

Golf is a primary area of expertise for InProduction . Having completed countless installations on courses across the country, we understand that golf tournaments are one sporting event that requires a wide range of temporary equipment. From bridges to ramps, hospitality suites to pavilions each component is custom designed with suitable flooring to provide a safe surface. Our line of tent floors provides endless options for the customer. Turf or carpet, plain or colored, graphics and logos, or elevated platforms with guardrail systems, InProduction’s product lines have all of your temporary flooring needs covered.

Quality full service solutions

Let InProduction show you it is possible to equip your event venue with quality and attractive flooring solutions. Our team can work with your event staff to plan timely installation of temporary flooring around other accommodation and equipment installation. If you need to create flooring from scratch or are simply looking for quality temporary flooring to protect permanent surfaces, InProduction can help transform your venue. Need more than just temporary floors? We can help with everything else in between.

Contact InProduction today to learn more about our affordable, high quality temporary flooring solutions.