Configuring Restaurants for Life After Coronavirus

Posted on May 8, 2020 in News

Over the last few days, I have received several calls from restaurants and bars that are going to re-open in the near future, all of whom have safety as the most important aspect around their reopening. With the need to create distance between patrons by reducing capacity, many restaurants are expanding their footprint by adding tables outside on sidewalks and in parking lots. With permits and regulations adjusting to accommodate this unusual time, we can help determine what your options are and provide product to change your space accordingly. We need to expand a restaurant’s space to give some distance and safety within our establishments, while being able to enjoy each other’s company.


Outdoor space is certainly looking attractive right now. Not only is the weather getting nice, but it gives us some breathing room. InProduction has the ability to customize panels and railings to help expand your restaurant out into the parking lot or onto the sidewalk.


Our paneling also gives you ample opportunities for signage and branding.



We can execute these configurations quickly and in a code compliant manner, giving you the opportunity to get back to business and serve your guests, in a safe manner. Here’s just one example of a layout we can create for you.



I hope you will reach out and let me work with you on your space configuration so you can be back in business.


Angela Lopera