Meet the Lectern

Posted on July 27, 2016 in News

It’s election time. No one can avoid it. Two national political conventions are taking place this month, and a series of debates are slated for the fall that could determine the outcome of the election in November. What will be at all those events that will help to set the stage for the candidates and speakers? The lecterns. Lecterns come in all kinds of styles and shapes, and they make a difference in how someone appears on the stage and in how they are received by the audience.

Kennedy and Nixon were the first candidates to debate on national television. Nixon was three inches shorter than Kennedy, and he appeared small and stooped in front of his lectern, even though it was the same height as Kennedy’s. Those who watched the debate on television declared Kennedy to be the winner, but those who listened on the radio thought it was a tie. The lectern made a difference, and now there are rules about lectern height and size for all national debates for presidential elections. Who knew the lectern mattered so much?

The presidential lectern travels alongside the president and has become an iconic feature, representing power itself. It’s called “The Blue Goose,” and here’s a fun fact: a special agent is given the job of attaching the presidential seal to the lectern every time the president speaks from it. The seal is not supposed to be attached to any lectern the president is not speaking from. (And it should come as no surprise to anyone that The Blue Goose is bulletproof.)

So in this presidential election season, we are happy to say that we have a plethora of options available for your events to make sure your speaker doesn’t fall into the same trap Nixon did, and that he or she is able to showcase their stature and presence with the best possible lectern.

By Josh Mayer, Sales. To learn more about Josh, click here.