The New Step & Repeat

Posted on March 23, 2017 in News

We all know the Hollywood classic “Step and Repeats” – a famous, fabulous star, promoting a movie, magazine, or message steps in front of a publicity backdrop for photographers, generating images that stream out to the universe. The next talent “steps” onto that red carpet and the process “repeats”.

But the times, they continue to be a-changing. Companies are no longer limited to the images captured by professional photographers in a controlled setting. With more than a billion images taken daily and uploaded by any person, attending any event, shared across their social media networks and beyond, putting a brand logo and message at strategic places along your audience’s pathway is critical.

More and more, we are asked to do just that. Put the brand message on everything from a railing to a camera tower. The results are worth it. That backdrop in front of the WrestleMania stage, that has sponsors names on it, has far- reaching results when thousands stand in front of it to take a selfie to load into their social media.

Step and repeats have grown organically in today’s events market. Don’t miss your opportunity to step up and step out, bringing your brand with you. Our scenic design can be added to any backdrop you think will serve as a spectator’s step and repeat.

Let me know if I can help you.

Janice Barr