Not a Bad Seat in the Ballroom

Posted on August 30, 2016 in News

Anyone who has attended events in large ballrooms or halls has seen this layout: a sea of house chairs blanketing the flat ballroom floor. It doesn’t take long to realize that getting a good view of the stage starts to get tricky beyond ten rows back. When I had to attend a dozen or so of these events a year my colleagues and I would refer to the back dozen rows of seats as the “dozers,” because you might as well take a nap if you were stuck in that section. I often heard organizers excuse this layout by saying, “Well, that’s why the big screens are put up on both sides of the stage.” That’s great, but in that case I could have watched the event from home on my laptop and not have had to make the trek to the venue.

The bottom line is this: A great view of the stage is vital if you want to keep the energy level high and the attendees/spectators focused and engaged. Often the high dollar amount spent on bringing in world-class talent or top speakers is wasted due to a bad seating plan. For attendees to be able to see the body language of a great performer or speaker first-hand, rather than on a screen, is essential to an inspiring and memorable experience. And this problem is easily solved by adding seating risers to the layout.

We are masters of the enhanced spectator experience. We’ve been building seating risers, stadium seating, and theatre seating for over 30 years, and we have built elevated seating in every kind of spectator event situation imaginable—often under what others would consider impossible conditions. We thrive on challenges. We’ve provided seating for small venues, massive venues, festivals, golf courses, stadiums, and even aircraft carriers. (Yes, aircraft carriers!) You name it; we have probably made it rise. Our goal is to create an environment in which every attendee has a great view and can be sufficiently engaged to truly get the most out of the live experience.

Here are a few examples of our work to illustrate the upside: