Remembering Arnold Palmer During the Ryder Cup

Posted on September 29, 2016 in News

We finished setting up the Ryder Cup this week, including seating around the first tee. With Arnold Palmer’s passing over the weekend, we don’t think there is a single person on the premises who isn’t thinking about him. This past August he visited another course nearby in order to review the redesign that his firm was working on, and what did he ask for while he was there? What was his wish for the Ryder Cup? “Play the national anthem during the tournament,” he said. “A lot. We don’t play The Star Spangled Banner enough during the matches.” Seems like little enough to ask from a gentleman who gave so much. The chants of “USA, USA, USA” that have been heard at recent Ryder Cups are not enough.

Here is some Arnold Palmer Ryder Cup trivia for those of you who are interested in American records.

  • Palmer was a two-time Ryder Cup team captain, and he said his victories representing America were among his greatest achievements.

  • In 1963 Palmer was the youngest player ever to be made Ryder Cup captain, at the age of thirty-four.

  • He played 32 Ryder Cup matches, more than any other player except Phil Michelson, who played 41. Even Jack Nicklaus only played 28.

  • Palmer sits second in the category of most points ever won, with 23, behind first-place Billy Casper, who won 23½. Who says fractions don’t matter?

  • He sits alongside Lanny Wadkins and Bill Casper in a three-way tie for the most foursome points won (he won 9).

  • He won the most Ryder Cup matches for the United States overall, with 22.

We hope the memory of Arnold Palmer inspires the American Team this week. We celebrate his wins, his losses, his contributions to the sport, and perhaps most important, his impeccable sportsmanship.