Stadium Highlight – Wrigley Field

Posted on November 15, 2016 in News

Of course it had to be Wrigley Field. Congratulations from everyone at SGA on the win. Some things are worth waiting for.

The nation’s second oldest ball park (behind Boston’s Fenway Park), home of the Chicago Cubs, opened in 1914 as Weeghman Park, home of the Whales of baseball’s Federal League. The Cubs moved to Weeghman in 1916, and the ballpark was renamed Wrigley Field, after owner William Wrigley Jr., in 1926.

Wrigley Field still has many vintage features, including a manually operated center field scoreboard, ivy-covered brick outfield walls, and a neon-lit red marquee facing Clark Street. The stadium underwent a renovation in 1937, when the ivy was added to the outfield walls, primarily to make the stadium look better —which it certainly does — but also in an attempt to cushion the walls, which are made out of brick.

Yes, it’s Wrigley as in gum, and yes, it was the filming location for much of A League of Their Own, which portrayed the great Wrigley as the patron of the women’s baseball teams that took over for men fighting overseas during World War II.

Capacity, you ask? It’s the fifteenth-largest ballpark in the country, with 45,500 seats. At the risk of appearing opportunistic, we are pretty confident we could give them a few thousand more temporary seats if they needed them. So Wrigley — next World Series, give us a call.