Temporary, Expansion Stadium Seating

Posted on February 1, 2016 in News

Although InProduction is known in the special event industry for building custom venues from scratch, it’s common for clients to come to us with an existing venue in need of supplemental accommodations. Whether ticket sales are expected to soar in the upcoming football season or a university is hosting a championship game, we’re always ready to help with an increase in seating. These circumstances have ticket sales managers wondering how can I expand my seating options without renovating my stadium?

The need for extra seating can present a challenging situation. Stadiums and arenas are already jam-packed with permanent seating structures, so adding accommodations is like creating a new piece for a completed jigsaw puzzle. We’ve seen several scenarios while working with college and university stadiums. It may be a home game with a big rival, or a university that’s hosting a championship series. Perhaps a college football team is expected to have a knockout season. Seasonal rentals are the solution to these temporary challenges.

Advantages of seasonal rentals

  • works in tight spaces
  • easily installed and disassembled
  • portable options
  • standard seating and modular systems
  • printable surfaces for graphics and logos
  • size and color options to blend with existing accommodations

InProduction specializes in providing temporary seating and seasonal rentals to colleges and universities across the country. Our product lines feature bleacher seating, riser seating, box seats, tip-up seats and theater chairs. Whether your event calls for standard, freestanding structures or modular systems, we can work around existing accommodations to maximize seating at your upcoming event.

Beyond Seating

Venues require seating, but there are more moving parts associated with an exceptional event that draws maximum attendance. For many college and university sporting events, a variety of other accommodations and equipment are necessary to facilitate the anticipated turnout. Temporary skyboxes and suites, custom entrances, crowd control structures and ADA ramps are just a few types of specialty equipment InProduction can customize for your next event.

Contact us today to find out about our temporary seating and seasonal rental solutions for expanding your stadium.