Wrestlemania Turns ATT Stadium into a Theater

Posted on May 15, 2016 in News

The AT&T stadium in Arlington Texas, has a 101,000 person capacity and a Jumbo Tron screen that should be visible from space. (It’s not.) Recently, SGA was one of several event companies brought together to bring Wrestlemania’s annual event to the masses so that they could all watch two men in a 20-foot ring located in a stadium the size of Texas. While the spectators enjoyed the court jester events going on around the main ring, they were able to feel closer than they actually were to the main action through the use of the Jumbo Tron. This video board contains 30 million light bulbs and it would take 4,920 flat screen TVs to cover just the center panel. You get the picture. Everyone there got the picture.

And, what were we doing there? We installed the audience risers for the venue’s seating around the wrestling ring (just under 2000 decks). As everyone knows, it’s not just about having enough seating (surely if it were seating for 101,000 would have been enough), it’s about the right seating. And those up front and center had amazing sightlines, and the cameras were able to get lots of footage of some pretty happy attendees. From these seats, you don’t need the Jumbo Tron.

But we believe Wrestlemania’s brilliant use of space was not confined to bringing in our risers. They also re-imagined the space around ‘staging’ elements (their staging of off-the-ring staging). The Romanesque entrances made by the wrestlers who were being driven around the outer perimeter of the stadium base to the final ring resting place, WWE truly created a “stage” all throughout the seating areas. The Jumbo Tron carefully documented the entire trip and every minute of the entire event. So a stage that could have been lost to the masses in the nosebleed sections was right in their faces. The lighting that made the entire stadium part of the arc, was another staging effect that centered on more than the actual action of the wrestlers…and they nailed it.