Curved Seating

Curved Seating

  • Curved Seating
  • Curved Seating

For large-scale events, leveraging the right seating solution can play a crucial role in your audience’s experience. InProduction, an industry-leading event seating provider, installs curved seating that makes optimal use of available space and enhances the audience’s viewing experience. Different from other seating solutions, InProduction’s curved seating arrangement can be incorporated into a pie-shaped section to accommodate existing venue seating. We’ve invested in specific hardware that our competitors simply don’t have. Our setups are flexible and go beyond the basic rectangular and foursquare configurations. Our curved seating solution is not only more customizable, but also higher quality.

Key Benefits of Curved Seating

Curved seating isn’t limited to use for only one type of event. From sporting events to concerts, a curved arrangement is a versatile solution that leverages the industry’s best materials and maximizes investments in seating solutions.

Fit to Seating Space

Curved arrangement is a versatile solution

3D model of the seating riser

Benefits of using curved seating include:

  • Better Sightlines – Curved rows of seating put the stage directly in front of audience members instead of off to the side. InProduction designers create a 3D model of the seating riser to ensure that every seat has a clear view of the event.
  • Fit to Seating Space – Every venue differs in design and layout. Traditional foursquare and rectangular seating often can’t adjust for unique building structures, and must be broken down and separated to fit within the space. The ability to incorporate curves gives our designers the flexibility needed to accommodate the most seats. You won’t have to reduce the capacity of your event due to seating restrictions.
  • 360 Degree Wrap – Curved seating can be arranged to wrap 360 degrees, making it the ideal solution for events with circular stages, as well as sports stadiums. The 360-degree set-up can be built around any type of event, giving audience members clear sightlines to the stage or main event—no matter where they’re seated.
  • Temporary Arena Capabilities – Some large-scale events are too big for the confines of the venue. Curved seating enables you to build a “pop-up” stadium in a vacant parking lot or field, and still provide the comfort and convenience of a typical sports arena or venue. In addition to large-scale events, a curved system can be utilized for smaller gatherings. The ability to install a pie-shaped
    section and enhance—or reduce—the curvature of the seating makes it an optimal solution for smaller, more intimate events or engagements.