Riser Seating

Riser Seating

Riser Seating & Seating Platforms

Seating platforms and risers are excellent ways to enhance seating for a variety of stage productions, like musical, choral, band or orchestral performances. Because seating risers can be designed for uses where performers are seated or standing, they provide a great deal of versatility depending on the type of event.

Flexible Configurations

Riser seating offers the flexibility to configure the risers to fit any space and amount of performers. Riser stands can be expanded, condensed, and shaped to fit well in any venue for any type of performance. One of the greatest benefits of riser seating is that it can be constructed in many different ways to achieve the exact staging setup your event requires. Also, riser seating doesn’t reduce the cubic volume of the venue, and this helps to boost sound and acoustics.

This type of staging equipment is great for traveling ensembles, or for those that perform in a variety of venues. Riser seating is portable, easy to assemble, break down and re-assemble. Additional tiers and platforms are available to supplement the riser layout and accommodate more or less performers on stage.

Audience Benefits

Riser seating isn’t just a great choice for on-stage equipment, it is an excellent option for audience accommodations. Since tiers and platforms can be added to maximize seating, the risers are fully customizable for the specific event type and anticipated number of attendants. Another great advantage of risers for audience seating is that sightlines aren’t jeopardized. Every person in the audience has a clear view of the stage and can enjoy the performance regardless of where their seat is located.

Riser Seating Options

InProduction has several options available for riser and tiered platform seating. Whether you are looking for long-term seating options, or need something temporary and portable, riser seating is a great option. To learn more about our riser seating systems, contact InProduction today!