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The Stageline Mobile Stages are the ultimate in mobile staging for outdoor venues and special events. These transportable stages are equipped with fully integrated mechanical and hydraulic operating systems, requiring no heavy labor resulting in minimal installation time. These mobile stages are ideal for any location a standard tractor-trailer can maneuver within. The ease of set-up and removal is astounding; imagine sound check within just a few short hours of arrival time. These units are fully equipped with pre-assembled roof, custom windwalls and rated rigging points.

SL-250 Mobile Stage

Dimensions Floor: 32 x 24
Roof Capacity: up to 12,000 lbs.
Grid Clearance: 17′-19′
Total Downstage Edge: up to 23′ 6″
Resists 70mph winds
Integrated light and sound extensions

SL-250 Mobile Stage Details   

SL-100 Mobile Stage

The only all-aluminum mobile unit featuring a fully hydraulic stage set-up. This portable stage offers a total rigging capacity of 6,500 lbs (2,948 kg) and strong enough to raise the roof loaded with 3,800 lb (1,725 kg) of sound, lights, banners, and sets.

Floor: 24’x20′
Roof Capacity: up to 6,500 lbs
Grid Clearance: 13’9” to 14’7″
Resists winds up to 80 mph without
windwalls and 60 mph with windwalls.