Double Deck Temporary Structures


When planning your next large-scale event—whether a concert, fair, trade show, sporting event; you name it—you may find you have the need for additional height, space due to ground restrictions, or even a desire to make a visually-appealing impact on your attendees.  And, if that’s the case, a double deck exhibit structure, designed and constructed by InProduction, just might be the answer.

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Double Deck Exhibit Structures

If you’re looking to maximize your usable square footage at an upcoming exhibit—without increasing your footprint—the solution comes down to one thing: double deck structures. The need for structures like these, which can be built quickly and efficiently with a sound and compliant design, is growing as companies like yours continue to come up with ways to enhance the customer experience at events.

So, let our highly-skilled team of design and production pros help you take your project to the next level with our array of ultra-modern and modern temporary double deck structures.

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Design & Construction Process Quickly Brings Your Project to Life

Need some help navigating InProduction’s trusted process for temporary structure design and construction? Take a look at the steps below to get a better feel for what you can expect when you partner with us for your complete project needs.

  • Phase 1: Project Estimate & Proposal

  • Phase 2: Structure Design & Engineering

  • Phase 3: Logistics & Installation


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Solutions to Support Your Double Deck Structures

In addition to double deck designs, we offer a variety of options to support your temporary structure. Explore a few of our solutions, which can further assist you with customizing your unique space.


If you desire to add a specific backdrop or an even greater level of style and sophistication to your double deck structure, we offer frame draping options in a range of fabrics and color choices.

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Scenic Elements

From tension fabrics to rental desks, scenic tiles, pedestals, columns, props, and more, we’re here to serve as your one-stop-shop for creating nothing short of an inviting and visually exciting destination for your attendees.

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Let The InProduction Team Take Your Event Space to a New Level

For more than 40 years, we’ve been helping customers like you design and construct high-quality temporary event structures—from coast to coast. No matter your event needs, let us help you pinpoint the solution that will, without a doubt, take your space to a whole new level.

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